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A Balanced Body that Considers the Individual's
Body Type, Not Only Reduced the Sizes

  • Surgery Time Surgery Time
  • Anesthesia Anesthesia
  • Recovery Time Recovery Time
    1 day
  • Recovery times Recovery times
    can vary
    depending on
    the individual
Patient Safety Program

#1 Patient Safety Program

DA Plastic Surgery, prioritize patient safety first.
Thus, clinical pathology tests, such as
blood tests, ECG tests, Chest X-rays,
CT scans and etc. are performed before every surgery.

  • Safety DA
  • A Chest X-ray
  • ECG Test
  • A Blood Test
Ultrasound InBody
Ultrasound Diagnosis
*Ultrasound Diagnosis
Accurate body fat distribution
Accurate body fat distribution and
fat Layer thickness analysis

through preoperative ultrasound analysis
Personalized surgery plan for each patient
by checking height and weight as well as
body fat, muscle mass, and body mass index
through InBody Test

#3 Liposuction Specialist

Liposuction Specialist In-house Anesthesiologist
Liposuction Specialist In-house Anesthesiologist
At DA Plastic Surgery, a liposuction specialist
performs from consultation to surgery. We produce
the best results through the extensive clinical
experience and know-how of our dedicated
medical personnel.
The pre-operative in-house medical check-up
will determine if the patient is able to apply
anesthesia before proceeding with the surgery by
DA Plastic Surgery anesthesiologists. Our
anesthesiologist manages patient pain control and
closely monitors anesthesia and vital body
from surgery to recovery.
Infection Prevention Program

#4 Infection Prevention Program

We always strive to have thorough disinfection and hygiene environment.
Even if it can be time-consuming, safety should always be the priority

  • Clean Room Air Shower

    to avoid infection by
    fine dust, virus, etc.

  • Plasma Sterilizer

    cleaning, disinfection, and
    sterilization of medical devices

  • Thorough Infection Control

    aseptic surgical environment by
    operating infection control team

#5 Liposuction Treatment Areas

DA Plastic Surgery subdivides the area and performs surgery
only in the areas that are essential to the patient.

  • AbdomenAbdomen
  • ArmArm
  • Lower BodyLower Body
  • Upper BodyUpper Body
Postoperative care process

#6 Postoperative
Care Process

At DA Plastic Surgery, surgeons, nurses, and
anesthesiologists are check the patient's
condition until recovery.

  • Nurse
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Liposuction

#7 Patient Satisfaction with
Postoperative Program

DA Plastic Surgery Provides a Post-Care Program for
Rapid Swelling Relief and the Best Outcome

  • High frequency
  • Laser v swelling

#8 Volume Up Surgery
After Liposuction

At DA Plastic Surgery, Additional Surgery can be Performed
on Areas that are Considered Insufficient after Liposuction.

  • Breast
  • Body Lift
  • Gynoplasty
Pursuit of healthy breast surgery
  1. Various types of breast implants
    and a wide range of size types
  2. Pursuit of healthy breast surgery
    through collaboration with surgeon and breast
    specialist surgeon from the start to the end
  3. Preoperative examinations include DIVINA,
    breast ultrasound, implant samples
    choosing the ideal implant, and dramatic results.
  4. High satisfaction result with systematic
    postoperative system
    after surgery
Sagging skin lifting
  1. Arm / Thigh / Abdomen Sagging skin lifting
  2. It can be performed simultaneously
    with liposuction
  3. Minimize the appearance of stretch marks and
    improves skin elasticity
  4. Incision is made in an inconspicuous area
    when wearing clothes
Vaginal rejuvenation
  1. Vaginal rejuvenation / G spot reinforcement
    for improved sexual pleasure
  2. Secret beauty! Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery
    that modifying the labia minora or the
    labia majora / Clitoroplaty
  3. Female genital cosmetic surgery with minimally
    invasive surgery! Laser vaginal tightening /
    Laser whitening /Repaired the vaginal
    mucosa /Vaginal dermal filler
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