Motiva Breast Augmentation

You can be pretty too

Breast Augmentation only at DAMotiva breast augmentation

# You can be pretty too

# Breast Augmentation
only at DA

Motiva Breast Augmentation

Implant Size Is Not Everything
In Breast Augmentation!


Looks More Natural
Motiva Breast Augmentation

Characteristic of Motiva Ergonomix

Characteristic of Motiva Ergonomix

  • The Silhouette That Moves Naturally With Any Movement It spreads itself when we lay down and according to the gravity,
    it naturally drops! It creates a natural breasts shape in any position
  • Silk Surface That Has Low Possibility of
    Occurring Capsular Contracture
    Nano-sized particles of the surface of the implant, makes you are safe
    from side effect such as inflammation, Foreign body, and capsular
    contracture due to riction
  • Able To Check The Implant Through Blue Seal Layer Blue Seal lowers the possibility of a spherical formation, which can
    tell the condition of the implant, such as cracks or ruptures.
3D Disinsertion

Perfect Breast Size and Texture By 3D Disinsertion

The Reasons Why Results
Are Different By Using Same Implants

  • Just Fit’ 2D DisinsertionIt Makes A Decision For
    The Width of Breast Pocket

    Size In The Front View
  • 3D DisinsertionIt Makes A Decision For
    Making A Dimensional
    Breast Pocket in the

    side view
  • MotivaSoft Texture like a natural born
    breasts and the silhouette that
    Moves naturally With your
DA’s I Line Cleavage

The Secrete of Voluptuous but Natural Breasts

Gives Off A Lot of Confidence on Breasts
DA DA’s I Line Cleavage

  • Noticeable Breast Augmentation
    With Y-Line cleavage
    Previous breast augmentation
    with I-line cleavage may
    Seem too obvious
  • Real Breasts
    with I-Line Cleavage
    DA’s I-Line cleavage is the most
    with the real breasts by
    considering its dimensional shape
DA analyzes various condition

Looking For The Right
Size of Implant

and see how much breast tissue can stretch

DA analyzes various condition!

  • Soft Tissue
  • Breasts Tissue
  • Thoracic
    cage Size
  • Breasts
    Pocket Size
Motiva Breast Augmentation

Motiva Breast Augmentation

  • Blue seal which is on the surface of Motiva is
    Its own unique and special technique to check
    the condition of implant
  • UDI chip is an advanced technology
    To verify breast implant’s information
    To safe each patient’s safety
  • Motiva provides premium services with 5
    years of insurance warranties if the rupture
    or capsular Contracture(Grade 2,3) occurs
  • Nano-sized particles of the surface of the
    implant has low possibility of occurring
    capsular contracture or allergic due to friction
What Makes The Difference At DA?

Motiva Implant
What Makes The Difference At DA?

It’s Important To
choose Implants that
You fit your
Body exactly

Medical check
Up for your
Healthy breasts

  • DIVINA 3D Scanner
    For Virtual Cosmetic
    Patients can see the breasts after surgery in
    advance that helps to choose the implants
    and size according to patient’s breasts
    volume, nipple, distance and asymmetry
  • The Process of Systemic MammographyMake a plan for safe breast augmentation
    accordingTo the reasts’ current condition
    and structure through Mammography.
    You are able to check your breasts health
    As well through this mammography such as
    the location of breasts implants, rupture,
    seroma or hemovac.
  • Collaborate With A Plastic Surgeon
    Who Is Specialized In Breasts
    We proceed beautiful breast augmentation
    through plastic surgeon who is specialized
    in breasts disease
DA x Motiva

The Breasts that catch people’s eyes
DA x Motiva