da Facial contouring

Creating beautiful_face_line

Creating beautiful

with accurate

bone reduction

DA Facial Contouring

DA Facial Contouring

DA Facial Contouring

An ideal facial contouring surgery DOES NOT always
mean taking out large extent of facial bone

Accurate and Precise Bone Reduction is most important

Accurate and Precise
Bone Reduction is most important!

Amount of the bone taken out ≠ Beautiful face

* Actual patients who visited DA for Reconstructive Facial Contouring Consultations

When bone reduction surgeries are done without considering the vital sensory nerve
and the ratio balance of the facial structure, an unnatural facial structure and
side effect may occur

Taking out large amount of bone does not always
results in successful surgical results

Taking out large amount of bone does not always results in successful surgical results
  • Precise ReductionPrecise Reduction
    for ratio-balanced face contour
    An accurate and precise surgical plan that focuses on
    removing only the necessary amount without damaging the nerve
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  • Remaining enough facial boneRemaining enough facial bone
    Remaining facial bone after surgery will be what
    determines our face-line. Therefore remaining enough
    bone will prevent side effect such as cheek sagging,
    uneven and unnatural face line

I thought that taking out a large amount
of bone creates the most beautiful face line

My face is smaller now but
I don’t like the face line
What can I do?


I thought I would be able to
stop using the face app…

What do I do?
If I don’t like my face contour
after the surgery?

and accurate reduction
Is the secret of the most Beautiful Face line

How to accurately reduce face contour?

Precise ratio calculation of the frontal chin and jaw
creates a narrower ratio-balanced face line

  • CASE 01
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  • CASE 02
    [Focuses on jaw angle, the length of the front chin, and balanced ratio]
    Unlike normal jaw reduction that cut only
    the prominent jaw angle, DA’s method cut
    out accurate amount after considering the
    ratio of jaw relative to the front chin for
    more beautiful face line
  • da DA Genioplasty
    [T Osteotomy, Chin Length Extension and reduction]
    Genioplasty is for patient that needs alteration of
    the frontal chin. Extension by autologous jaw bone
    from jaw or reduction by T osteotomy and length
    reduction methods will create perfect facial
    contour that is perfectly balance with other areas.

The Skin and muscle above the bone
is as vital and significant
as the facial bone in creating the perfect face contour

When the bone structure is removed more than necessary, other facial structures that form face contour will lose overall balance.
This will cause problematic alteration to the facial structure and create an unnatural face line

As a result, creating harmonizing facial structures of
bone, muscles, and skins is vital for creating the perfect face contour


The difference in skill is the difference in beauty

DA’s Facial Contouring Technique is based on
academic research and experiences

  • da
    The importance of
    proportional ratio between
    the jaw and the front chin
  • Genioplasty
unnecessary bone osteotomy

For the most beautiful facial contour,
DA Facial Contouring does not perform an
'unnecessary bone osteotomy'

For the perfect facial structure, DA only performs facial contouring surgery
that only reduces the amount of the bone that is necessary
and leaves enough bone for the structural balance.

DA represents the standard for the perfect Face Contour

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women you
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ratio and structural balance

Facial Contouring

Reduced amount is
less important than the
ratio and structural balance

Since structural uniform of the bone, muscle
and skin is important as well for perfect face contour