Implant Facial Contouring



Implant Facial Contouring

Add volume and achieve natural balance!

Implant Facial Contouring

  • Forehead Augmentation
  • Chin Augmentation
  • Front Cheek Augmentation
  • Paranasal Augmentation
Implant Facial Contouring

Forehead Augmentation

Taking into consideration the line that extends from
the forehead to the end of the chin,
achieving smooth volume and three-dimensionality
on the forehead without any wrinkles!

  • Cases where the forehead is flat or recessed
  • When the eyebrow bones protrude, making the forehead appear sunken
  • When there are wrinkles on the forehead
  • When the forehead width is narrow
  • Customized shaping material production for each patient
  • Facial contour effects achieved through relatively non-absorptive or simple surgery
  • Permanently completed volume that does not deform
  • Smooth and natural volume with consistent thickness
  • Unnoticeable scars due to scalp incisions.

DA's Forehead Augmentation allows you to achieve a smooth and
voluminous forehead while obtaining a youthful image at the same time.

Implant Facial Contouring

Chin Augmentation

As volume is filled in the indistinct
boundary between the neck and jaw,
the contour becomes clearer,
providing distinct front and side effects!

  • Individuals stressed due to a short chin.
  • Those with a protruding jaw or appearing to have excess jaw fat.
  • Individuals with a chin that excessively recedes, giving an impression of protrusion
  • Individuals requiring improvement for a blunt image.
  • Individual patient satisfaction with customized fillers at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Relatively simple surgery with noticeable facial contour effects.
  • Achieves a smooth and natural side profile.
  • Improves a dull image caused by a recessed or protruding jawline or double chin.
  • Scar-free and rapid recovery through intraoral incisions.

DA Non-surgical Chin Augmentation technique
improves a vague impression caused by the lack of definition into a clear impression.

Implant Facial Contouring

Front Cheek

Revitalize the volume of flat and dull cheeks, creating a
three-dimensional effect on the entire face for a transformed,
youthful image!

  • Cases of flatness or sagging in the front cheeks
  • When the face appears overall dull
  • When there is a hollow under the eyes and the side of the cheeks is noticeable
  • When facial volume is desired due to a lack of dimension
  • Customized shaping material tailored for each patient
  • Relatively simple surgery for facial contouring effects
  • Achieve a non-absorbable, non-deformable, and permanent volumizing effect
  • Enhance the front cheeks for a three-dimensional effect to achieve a lively image.
  • Natural voluminous youthful appearance

Complete a youthful look with DA Front Cheek Augmentation,
providing volume to the front cheeks for a lively appearance.

Implant Facial Contouring


Simultaneously improving marionette lines and protruding lips
for a three-dimensional and sophisticated contour line!

  • Cases where marionette lines make the mouth appear protruded
  • When the face looks saggy or appears flat
  • Deep marionette lines that make one look older
  • Those seeking a permanent effect rather than fillers or fat grafting
  • Customized shaping material tailored for each patient
  • Tightening sagging skin for a smooth finish
  • Achieve a non-absorbable, non-deformable, and permanent volumizing effect
  • Enhance the marionette lines for a three-dimensional improvement in protruding lips
  • Fill volume in marionette lines for a youthful appearance

DA Paranasal Augmentation improves the image of protruding lips or
an aging appearance caused by marionette lines.