Da smile triple jaw surgery

DA Smile Triple Jaw Surgery

delightful aesthetics Smile Triple
Jaw Surgery


Improve protruded mouth and
microgenia all at once

  • Operation Time Operation Time 3 hours
  • Anesthesia method Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization Hospitalization 1-2 days
  •  Stitch Removal Stitch
    After 2 weeks
  • Recovery Period Recovery
    2 Weeks~1 month
    for daily life

What is DA Smile Triple Jaw Surgery?

Protruded Mouth Surgery
Protruded Mouth Surgery
Two Jaw Surgery
Smile Triple Jaw Surgery
DA Smile Triple Jaw Surgery is a surgical method that combines two jaw surgery with protruded mouth
to simultaneously improve the severe case of protruded mouth and microgenia with one operation session.
Since protruded mouth surgery or two jaw surgery alone is not sufficient enough to improve severe cases of
protruded mouth and microgenia, DA Smile Triple Jaw Surgery is needed to improve such cases naturally and efficiently.
DA Smile Triple Jaw Surgery Key Points

DA Smile Triple Jaw Surgery Key Points

Triple Jaw Surgery has more incision areas than double jaw surgery and it requires detail
and a highly skilled surgeon to plan out the surgery without any errors.

DA’s Triple jaw surgery is done safely and accurately with a joint treatment system from specialists from
each medical field and thorough analysis and diagnosis of the patient’s condition. Also, with our 1:1 personalized
system, from before and after the surgery, we promise to bring highly satisfying results.

  1. 01.1:1 care by the designated surgeon
  2. 02.Joint treatment system for accurate analysis and diagnosis
  3. 03.Natural face line
  4. 04.Individualized after-care system
  5. 05.Detailed analysis using 3D CT Scan

DA Smile Triple Jaw Surgery Method

  • Osteotomy STEP 01 Osteotomy

    Osteotomy of Ulitis
    (gum bone)

  • Mouth protrusion correction STEP 02 Mouth protrusion correction

    Correction through relocation
    of gum bone and teeth

  • Mandibular jaw relocation STEP 03 Mandibular jaw relocation

    Moving the posterior mandibular
    jaw bone by double jaw surgery

  • Correction STEP 04 Correction

    Correct both protruded mouth
    and short chin with genioplasty

 recommended for those who have

DA Smile Triple Jaw Surgery is recommended for those who have

  1. Protruded mouth due to
    protruded gum bone
  2. An extreme case of microgenia (small chin)
    with lower jaw positioned backward
  3. Did not see effective results after braces
  4. Overall mouth shape is protruded
    due to protruded lip and microgenia
  5. Jaw bone makes noises or have
    pain around the jaw bone

DA Smile Triple Jaw Surgery

※the cases below are the real DA patient’s before and after X-ray.

  • CASE 01
    Cases with setback and small chin
    AFTER 5 months
  • CASE 02
    Mandibular is more protruded than maxillary so
    two jaw surgery is not sufficient enough
    AFTER 6 months

DA Smile Two Jaw Surgery process

Thorough Checkup
Thorough 3D CT scan
to identify the existing
problem and condition
Oral condition
Accurate diagnosis
of oral condition
Establishing surgical plans through systematic collaboration
Collaboration between plastic surgeons, orthodontist to established surgical plan
Wafer production and suitability analysis
Producing customized wafer and bracses that ill fixated the maxillary bone before and after the surgery
Two Jaw surgery by dedicated surgeon
Operation proceed by dedicated specialist surgeon assigned from the consultation
Customized 1 on 1 post-operative recovery system
Customized recovery system for each patient for fastest recovery

The reason why DA Smile Triple Jaw Surgery is different

  1. 01
    Accurate diagnosis and operation
    Joint treatment between the plastic surgeon, orthodontist, and anesthesiologist for accurate analysis and set a detailed surgical plan.
  2. 02
    Plastic Surgeon Responsible Surgery
    Surgery performed by a plastic surgeon with various clinical experiences and advanced know-
    how for each case
  3. 03
    Continuous research on facial contouring
    Continuous academic activities and research on new surgical methods for facial contouring
  4. 04
    Systematic post-operation management system
    A Systematic post-operation management system that efficiently deals with swelling, pain, and
    recovery of each patient