Non-surgical facial contouring

Facial Contouring without bone osteonomy

facial contouring

Non-surgical facial contouring

How to be pretty without reducing the bone? What’s the most effective procedure
for me to become more beautiful?

  • DA V-line injection Slim V-line with a more powerful effect through customized combinations for each area
  • Acculifting Improved skin elasticity through the breakdown of unnecessary fat cells and stimulation of collagen
  • Ulthera double chin Customized treatment with two types of ultrasound energy for double chin line improvement
Non-surgical facial contouring

DA V-line injection

A unique treatment by DEE that simultaneously breaks down and corrects the surface and interior of the skin through a customized ingredient blend.

  • Only safe ingredients are used, avoiding components that may cause side effects.
  • Effective ingredients are custom blended for each specific area.
  • Smoothly tidy up only the muscles and fat of the desired area as needed.
  • Approach the treatment site individually tailored to each area.
  • Minimal bruising and swelling, allowing for immediate return to daily life.


Removing unnecessary fat cells from the face and improving elasticity through collagen stimulation.

  • Verified laser procedure approved by the US FDA
  • Selective removal of only unnecessary fat
  • Skin elasticity and tightening effects through collagen regeneration
  • Convenient procedure with easy anesthesia
  • Quick recovery for an immediate return to daily life

Ulthera double chin

Improvement of the jawline through two types of ultrasound energy adjustments for fat removal and jawline firmness

  • Stable procedure with 100% genuine tips
  • Customized treatment using two types of ultrasound energy
  • Effective results through accurate energy emission in the specific skin layer
  • Minimal risk of nerve damage with real-time monitoring
  • Easy pain control with a painless system
Non-surgical facial contouring

Recommended Candidates
for Non-Surgical Facial Contouring

  • Those who wish to enhance their facial contours without surgery.
  • Individuals with excess fat in areas such as the face, cheeks, double chin, and jawline.
  • Those desiring a V-line face without undergoing facial contour surgery.
  • Individuals seeking both improved facial contours and increased elasticity.
  • Those looking for a long-lasting, permanent effect without undergoing surgery.