Turning Zygoma

turning cheekbone to the prettiest angle before clinching for
maximum reduction effect and satisfaction

DA zygoma reduction that changes your life

DA Turning Zygoma Reduction

Reducing as much cheekbone as possible
= narrower face?

NO! not necessarily!

DA Turning Zygoma Reduction

When the cheekbone is properly
turned in, the reduction effect beauty will increase

DA Turning Zygoma Reduction
how is it different from others?

  • The standard method cuts the
    area where the cheekbone will be clinched more than the actual
    size of the bone and just clinching the cheekbone
    back to this area without extra procedures.

    With this method  The effect of reducing the cheekbones
    may be insignificant and  side effects could occur.

  • DA’s unique Turning Zygoma Reduction
    only cuts precisely equal to the size of the bone that will
    be clinched and turns the cheekbone to the prettiest position.

    Zygoma reduction need this extra turning
    procedure to  increase the cheekbone reduction effect
    and  creates the prettiest cheekbone 

Turning Zygoma Reduction

What are the problems of
standard zygoma reduction methods?

  • If the cheekbone is not turned before
    clinching, the size and width of the cheekbone
    is not changed, and the reduction result
    from the side and 45 degree angle
    will be minimal

    If the cheekbone is not turning back

  • There will be a possibility of bone not fusing
    back properly and creating
    a wide space.

    If the cheekbone is cut out too much

  • Uneven asymmetry, dents, and sunken areas
    occur due to excessive setback of the bones
    without considering the balances and ratio.

    If the cheekbone is pushed in too much

Why DA focuses on proper clinched and fixation
of the cheekbone!

Since the cheekbone is very vital for our daily life.

  • 01 Cheekbone is tightly connected with masseter muscle that is used when chewing, speaking
              and expressing emotion

  • 02 If not properly clinched and fixed, cheekbone can move around because of the masseter

  • 03 Out positioned cheekbone can cause side effects such as the sagging cheek.

Because my cheekbone is precious

DA doubled the clinches and fixationd
of the cheekbone.

Please check out the real CT-scan of our patient that is identical with the illustration below

  • DA illustration
  • CT of DA actual patient

! If you are considering zygoma reduction please check these

None fixation melting pin wire

For safe and perfect fixation DA do not use these 3 materials for
Turning Zygoma Reduction

A turning point for my life