The True
Value of plastic surgery
Honest diagnosis, constant research, and years of
experience create value for surgery results.

Based on a systematic safety system, the value of understanding
and empathy for customers, we will create the beauty that
goes beyond Korea towards the World.
The True Valueof Medical
DA Plastic Surgery will base our medical practice on the fundamental basics,
and we will never stop studying for the best surgery result for our customers.
  • Honest

  • Beauty
  • Safety
  • Trust
  • Global
DA Honest Medical Practice
Honest Medical Practice creates results that satisfy all customers.
Based on a precise examination and an accurate diagnosis,
DA only performs the necessary surgery or our customers.
DA Medical Research
The accuracy and successful results of plastic
surgeries are related to active and in-depth
researches. Doctors at DA, will always
for the best result.
DA Safety System
Various medical equipment and systematic systems are essential for safe surgeries.
DA will take full responsibility for the safety of our customers with an established
safety-first system consists of various medical equipment and collaboration
between plastic surgeon, anesthesiologist, and dermatologist.
  • Blood test

    Blood test

  • CD CT

    CD CT

  • Chest X-ray

    Chest X-ray

  • EKG test

    EKG Test

DA Standard of Beauty
Everyone has a standard of beauty.
DA will focus on enhancing this beauty
so that you can eternally shine.
DA Trust
DA will always be responsible for our
customers for trustworthiness. For this,
DA will provide the beauty that our
customers desire through
services and genuine communication.
DA’s Globalization
DA Plastic Surgery medical expertise and service know-how are becoming the center of global medical business recognized by the world beyond Korea.
Global DA
  • - New York (USA)
  • - Dubai (UAE)
  • - Sydney (Australia)
  • - Los Angeles (USA)
  • - Beijing (China)
  • - Hong Kong (China)
  • - Tokyo (Japan)
  • - Jakarta (Indonesia)
  • - Berlin (Germany)
  • - Paris (France)
  • - Bangkok (Thai)
  • - Singapore (Singapore)
  • - London (UK)
  • - Moscow (Russia)
  • - San Francisco (USA)