Beauty Philosophy

There is no correct answer to the standard of beauty,
There is only an attitude toward beauty,
So we need the motivation to always be confident.

What makes us more beautiful and
charming is the combination of a beautiful
face, beautiful bodies, and our attitude
towards beauty and how we value it.

DA will complete your true beauty based on
the philosophy that ‘External appearances
will maximize our confidence’

Start creating your true beauty now! Only at DA

DA, includes research in Plastic Surgeries

A faithful doctor will always be studying and researching for safer and better results.
Every medical staff at DA promises to always be enthusiastically researches and studies for skills that will bring the best result to every patient.

Academic Activity


Assigned Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Board certified plastic surgeon

Board certified plastic surgeon
Assigned Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will take care of each patient until the end.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Textbook Compilation

Textbook compilation

Director Dr. Lee Sang Woo participated in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery textbook compilation and publishing
by the Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for training medical students.

Active Academic Activities

Academic activity

Academic activity
The doctors of the Da plastic surgery are invited to both domestic and international conferences, as well as frequently exchange the latest medical technology and various information through active activities.
DA includes care with the safety
We provide complete surgical results by a safety priority system,
a collaboration system of plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, dermatologists, and various medical equipment.
We also provide an aftercare program that takes care of our patients until they fully recover.
  • Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

    Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

    Board Certified Plastic Surgeon assigned to each
    patient will take care throughout the entire process.

  • Cooperation system

    Cooperation system

    Cooperation system between plastic surgeon,
    anesthesiologist and dermatologist for best results.

  • Safety prioritize system

    Safety prioritize system

    Fully prepared for emergencies with equipment
    like AED, Emergency Kit, Uninterruptible Power Supply system.

  • Expert anesthesia system

    xpert anesthesia system

    Experienced anesthesiologists for systematic
    anesthesia process.

  • Various advance medical equipment

    Various advance medical equipment

    Improved the accuracy of surgery by constructing various medical equipment such as 3D CT, the latest HD high-definition endoscope, X-ray, and ultrasound.

  • Aftercare program

    Aftercare program

    For fast recovery and high-satisfaction, we provide
    customized aftercare to each patient.

Da plastic surgery
includes care
to medical service

We included beliefs and values that put people
first. With regular volunteer activities, we practice
medical services that treat both appearances and
hearts of our patients.

Most importantly, we will try our best to help
those who have lost hope and dreams due to
facial deformities so that they can live a new life
with confidence.