Only at DA

With Natural

7 knots for 7 adhesion

Best Eye Surgery only at DA!

Beautiful Face starts
with a beautiful eye

[First eye surgery of my life]

#First Eyesurgery with natural adhesion technique!

Do. Not. Reveal. Your. secret!

Actual DA patient’s result of first eye surgery technique

With the natural eye adhesion effect of DA first eye technique,
you don’t have to worry about scar even when your eyes are closed,
Fresh & Bright pretty eyes are possible Fresh & Bright pretty eyes are possible
without faking with makeup.

How can I have
a naturally
beautiful eye

Like this?

Naturally Beautiful eye Need the 「 size, depth, and shape 」
of the double eyelid line to be all beautiful

We consider all this

DA 7 knots method
for accurate design!

  • Design the double eye lid line
    according to desire image
  • Make 7 tiny holes according to the
    design and tie the knot thoroughly
  • Naturally adhered
    double eye lid line after surgery

Naturally without revealing the secret
The exact eye I have always desired

#First Eye Surgery With Natural adhesion

7 knots for 7 adhesion

Just like my real eye
Naturally Beautiful~!

#Bright Eye#Thanks to DA!
Be the
women you know with


Eye surgery
only at DA!

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