DA Absolute Upper Blepharoplasty

DA Absolute
Upper Blepharoplasty

Surgical method that fixes the
fundamental problem accurately!

Absolute solution for aging mid-aged eyes.

You always thought
[Skin that lost elasticity]
Were the main cause of the
droopy eyelid?
Only removing the excessive eyelid skin above the
muscle will not improved the already sagged eye muscle.
Correct improvement without recurrence only by correcting
[Orbicularis oculi : orbital muscle around the eye],
which is the cause of eyelid sagging!
Orbicularis oculi muscle
covers larger area of our
face than we imagine!
「Orbicularis oculi」
What is orbicularis oculi muscle?
└What is Orbicularis oculi?
Orbicularis oculi is a muscle in the face that exist to closes
and opens our eyelids. It is positioned around our eyes.
When this muscle loose its elasticity skin and fat will also
be effected. Therefore Orbicularis oculi muscle sagging
is the main cause of the sagging eyelid condition.
Will 「Orbicularis oculi」 muscle sagging
change our eye shape?
└Yes it will!
The surrounding tissues that are held together by the
orbicularis oculi will collapse along with the muscle
and the weakest part will change its shape first.

Orbicularis oculi muscle will start collapsing from
the front and the back of the eye.
Eventually triangular eye shape will be formed.
Orbicularis oculi muscle start collapsing
from the [front] and the [back] of the eye
Deformed eye shape

The most crucial problem other than the change of the eye
shape is the deterioration of the [eye health] condition

Eyes health condition can be effected if sagging orbicularis oculi
muscle is neglected without treatment.
Moreover, bad eye sight will create secondary problem such as wrinkles from constant frowning.
So it is recommended to do DA Absolute Upper Blepharoplasty as soon as possible.

Case 01
Eyelash poking the eyeball
「Frequent tears and swollen eyes」
Case 02
Extremely sagging eyelids
「Eyelid covering the eyesight」
Case 03
Constant tears and swollen eye
「Casued festered eyelid」

Bright and Clear looking eyes

DA will perform [orbicularis oculi] correction for definite improvement

Solution 01

Absolute Upper Blepharoplasty

DA Absolute Upper Blepharoplasty
will definitely improve all
the problem and increase
the overall life condition
  • Remove the fat and sagged
    skin appropriately

  • Remove orbicularis oculi and
    lift up the muscle for fixation

  • Create a double eyelid line
    and carried out a suture for
    a natural eye shape.

Solution 02

Eye Brow lifting

Suitable for people with wide area between the eyelid and the eyebrow,
have severe eyelid sagging and
do not want double eyelid lines.
  • Incision along the
    eye brow line

  • Lift up sagged skin &
    orbicularis oculi muscle for fixation.

  • Definite improvement while keeping
    the natural eye shape of the patient.

Solution 03

Absolute Eye Brow lifting +
non-incision double eyelid

Suitable for people with wide area between the eyelid and the eyebrow,
have severe eyelid sagging but want
natural double eyelid line.
  • Incision along the eye brow line

  • Lift up sagged skin &
    orbicularis oculi muscle for fixation.

  • Create a double eyelid line and
    carried out a suture for a
    natural eye shape.

How DA Absolute Upper Blepharoplasty is different?

[Upper Blepharoplasty] Standard vs DA

Standard Blepharoplasty vs DA Blepharoplasty
Remove only the sagged skin and lift up method Appropriate skin incision and orbicularis
oculi correction from detailed analysis
Artificial and unnatural eye shape Satisfaction Bright and natural eye shape
Did not fixate the muscle so high
possibility of revision surgery ↑
Revision orbicularis oculi correction reduce
possibility of reoccurrence ↓

Please remember!

Removing too much skin cause [Unnatural Eyes Shape]

Unnatural Eye from removing too much skin

Removing too much sagging skin will
make eye shape very unnatural and looks angry

Surgery done without consideration of skin thickness

Skin thickness
Under the eyebrow
Mid eye
Above eyelid

Performing surgery without consideration of the skin thickness
will make your eye look unnatural and out of balance

DA Absolute Upper Blepharoplasty [Accurate Incision + Orbicularis oculi correction]
Minimize the possibility of the revision surgery, creates natural eye shape and
Absolutely Improve Droopy Eye.

Please don’t worry that your eye will look unnatural!

Customized solution for each and every patient individually

DA Absolute Upper Blepharoplasty design and surgical plan

DA Absolute Upper Blepharoplasty will improve both the eye shape and the functionality
simultaneously after thorough diagnosis and evaluation of each patient individually

  1. Step 01

    Accurate diagnosis

  2. Step 02

    Patient preferences +
    Specialist doctor’s evaluation

  3. Step 03

    Recommendation of surgical plan
    for satisfying result

《Laugh, Cry, Frown, Surprise》

Our [eyes] are one and only sensory organs that express our delicate emotion

Our eyes express delicate emotions multiple times per day with orbicularis oculi movements.
Therefore if we do not fixate this muscle properly skin sagging will occur again. To prevent
the recurrence DA Absolute Upper Blepharoplasty fixated [Oculi muscle at 2 specific point]!


If the original appearance is altered too much on one's face,
the satisfaction with the surgery result will also decrease.

Precise analysis and diagnosis that accurately determines [the eye that most naturally fits your face].
Eyes size
And shape
Length of width and height Pupil exposure amount Condition of eyelid
Skin thickness Severity of Skin elasticity
and sagging
the amount of fat and
ophthalmic fat distribution
in the eyelids.
Severity of Skin
elasticity and sagging
DA establishes a surgical plan through precise analysis and diagnosis
At the same time, it responds to the needs of patients, so the result of surgery is also the best!

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Absolute Upper Blepharoplasty

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