DA nose alar bg 01

Alar Reduction

Create Balanced Nose Shape
by making short
a Wide Nose Wing


What is DA’s Alar Reduction?

This is a surgery for those who have
A Wide And Round Alar.
It could make your impression not sophisticated if you have a wide alar Compare to the width of the nose bridge.
So, it is Important to make the Nostril’s shape and size to asymmetrical nostrils according to detailed Analysis.
DA’s alar reduction is a surgery that makes the wide alar reduce To get a sophisticated and more defined.
  • DA nose alar before_after
    After 12 months
  • DA nose alar before_after 02
    After 3 months

DA’s Alar Reduction Surgery Method

TYPE. 01 The method of
reducing an alar skin

Reduce the alar size and width by
cutting between the alar and cheek.

TYPE. 02 Method of narrowing
The alar

It is a surgical method that reduces the size of
the alar by cutting the lower part of nostrils and
tied up to the centre by using a thread.

Autologous Cartilage

DA’s Alar Reduction

  • Make the nose alar more defined and sophisticated
    by reducing a wide alar!
  • Ideal and well-balanced nose shape by reducing
    the wide alar and nose tip

DA Plastic Surgery
The Reason Why DA Rhinoplasty Is Special

special DA

Select the nose line
according to patient’s face

You can select the nose line, such as curved line,
straight line, and semi-curved line
by designing the nasal bridge and the nose tip.

special DA

Make a surgery plan through
3D CT scan

Make a surgery plan by analysing each patient's
face shape and structure closely considering both
aesthetic and functional parts of the nose.

special DA

Choosing An Appropriate Material
Suitable for each patients’ condition

Increase the efficiency of rhinoplasty by
choosing an appropriate material that fits
on the individual’s feature.

special DA

Ideal Nose Ratio and Angle
only at DA

Design the nose line based on DA’s know-how
by considering the distance from the nose to forehead,
distance of glabella, nose length itself and angle from the lip.