Bulbous Nose Correction

Bulbous Nose

Make the flat and thick nasal tip sharp

Bulbous Nose Correction

Is having a bulbous nose
still your concern?

Blunt tip of the nose, let's make it naturally elegant!

Bulbous Nose Correction

Bulbous nose Rhinoplasty
What kind of surgery is performed?

The reason why the tip of the nose appears blunt is that
the width of the tip of the nose appears relatively wider than the
width of the bridge of the nose, Therefore, before surgery,
the size of the nasal bridge, the thickness of the skin, and the shape of the
bridge of the nose are considered comprehensively in order to correct a low and blunt nose.
This is done to reduce a wide nose tip and
create a refined impression that matches the facial balance.

Bulbous Nose Correction

Make the chubby and blunt nose sharp!
DA’s Bulbous nose Rhinpolasty

The secret to transforming a blunt nose into a slim and well-defined
nose is none other than DA's nose job technique!

DA’s Bulbous nose Rhinpolasty

DA’s Bulbous nose Rhinpolasty

Surgical method for
bulbous nose rhinoplasty

By cases

  • Removing the subcutaneous fat tissue appropriately and
    tightening the skin will improve the slimness of the tip of the nose
  • creating a widened gap between the left and right sides,
    the rounded nasal tip on both sides can be adjusted by trimming or
    repositioning the cartilage towards the center.
    When raising the nasal tip, autologous cartilage can be
    transplanted to elevate the nasal tip, achieving a more
    refined and improved appearance

The completion of Rhinoplasty,
why use autologous cartilage?

  • Minimization of inflammation and side effects
  • Less irritation for foreign body material
  • Psychological anxiety relief
  • Soft and natural nose tip
  • Semi permanent
Bulbous Nose Correction


  • An accurate diagnosis considering the condition, width, and skin thickness of an individual's nasal tip cartilage.
  • Slimmed nasal tip and bridge create a naturally balanced ideal line.
Bulbous Nose Correction

DA Rhinoplasty Expertise
More naturally! More safely!

  • Nose line that fits the face balance Tailoring the nasal bridge line to fit facial balance After closely analyzing individual facial features and matching them with each person's beauty standards, you can choose between a curved line, a straight line, or a combination of both for the nasal bridge line.
  • Ideal proportions and angles for the nose After examining factors such as the relationship between the nose and forehead lines, nostril spacing, nose length, lip angle, and the line extending from the lips to the chin, the design process begins.
  • Safe Surgery Planning with 3D-CT Prior to surgery, a three-dimensional analysis of the nose shape and structure is conducted using 3D-CT equipment.
  • Customized Materials for Individual Characteristics A plastic surgeon considers the overall harmony of the face and selects suitable materials tailored to the individual characteristics for surgery, achieving harmonious facial results.
Bulbous Nose Correction

A rounded, blunt, puffy nose
Slim down even the sides

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