Hump Removal

Remove the Hump Nasal Bridge
For Smooth Nose Line!

DA’s Harmonious

DA Plastic Surgery Clinic specializes in rhinoplasty that
considers the overall harmony of the face through
accurate diagnosis. DA’s patients will achieve the result
of their dream by the surgical plan that is customized to
each patient’s condition.

The line from the nose and forehead, the distance of
glabella, nose length, and the angle of the line from
the lips to the front chin will all be taken into account
so that patient can choose the nose shape they desire
such as Curved nose line, Straight Nose Line, and
Semi-Curved nose line.

What is DA’s Hump Removal Surgery?

It is a surgery that removes the
hump from the bridge
of the nose.
Hump nasal bridge is caused by an overgrowth of nose bone and septum cartilages.
Especially, a bumpy line caused by the bone and the cartilage on the bridge of the nose gives a strong
and fierce impression to ones face. However, DA’s hump nasal removal surgery can remove the protruded parts on
the nose bridge and make it smooth
through the osteotomy method according to each patient’s structure.
  • Before
    After 12 months
  • Before
    After 12 months
  • Before
    After 12 months

DA’s Hump Removal Surgery Method

TYPE. 01 Mild Case

If the hump is not severe, nose bridge can be
smoothen by shaving the protruded part of nose
bridge and if the nose bridge height becomes
lower after removing the hump, implant can be
inserted to create a beautiful nasal bridge line.

TYPE. 02 Severe Case

The protruding nasal hump is removed and
the cartilage is gathered towards the middle
to create a straight nose bridge.

DA’s Hump Nasal Removal

  • Connects the starting of the nose bridge to nose tip smoothly and naturally
  • Correct a straight nose line in every angle
  • Create a sophisticated and soft impression by trimming the nose line

DA Plastic Surgery
The Reason Why DA Rhinoplasty Is Special

special DA

Select the nose line
according to patient’s face

You can select the nose line, such as
curved line, straight line, and semi-
curved line by designing the nasal
bridge and the nose tip.

special DA

Make a surgery plan through
3D CT scan

Make a surgery plan by analysing each patient's
face shape and structure closely considering both
aesthetic and functional parts of the nose.

special DA

Choosing An Appropriate Material
Suitable for each patients’ condition

Increase the efficiency of rhinoplasty by
choosing an appropriate material that fits
on the individual’s feature.

special DA

Ideal Nose Ratio and Angle
only at DA

Design the nose line based on DA’s know-how
by considering the distance from the nose to forehead,
distance of glabella, nose length itself and angle from the lip.