DA Ulthera tuner

Non-surgical Face Lifting

Ulthera tuner

Wrinkles that slowly invade your skin and
sagging jowl! Skin aging needs to be taken
care of from the beginning

Sagging Jowl and fine wrinkles are increasing?
Problem with skin aging such as elasticity and sagging starts from the age 30s to 40s

Increasing fine
wrinkles around eyes
after the 30s

More noticeable
frown lines

Double chin and
sagging jowls
after childbirth

Deepening and
more visible
nasolabial fold

Why is fine wrinkles and skin sagging increasing?
Fine wrinkles and sagging jowl that extend like a cobweb

Excessive fat cells
that cause sagging jowl

Merging fine wrinkles
that extend in Cobweb form

The jowl drooping and fine wrinkles caused by excessive fat cells continues to organize and form cobweb-shaped wrinkles. This results in sagging and deep wrinkles that require surgery in the future if not deal with during the early stages.

Fix it before surgery is needed
Non-surgical fat fine wrinkle removal

DA Ulthera Tunner

Emphasize on the thick fat layer
for definite fat removing result

Improve elasticity step-by-step for
each skin layer Create collagen and
remove fine wrinkles

Real-time monitoring Iaccurately and treat only the correct areas

Real-time monitoring Iaccurately and treat
only the correct areas. Improvement result increased without
sunken areas and damaged skin

Ulthera tuner real-time monitoring system

Increase effectiveness and sustainability~

DA Ulthera Sustainability Program

Face line and Skin elasticity of 20s at 30s-40s!
Non-surgical lifting that you should
begin as soon as possible!

Suitable Time to begin DA Ulthera

in the existing laser trapping
duration of effect

One-time powerful boost.fruit

Incomparable to standard lifting
            treatmentthat was always doubted by the users<

Laser treatment is not long lasting?
Incomparable to standard lifting treatment
that was always doubted by the users

Experience Effective Lifting Result with one Treatment DA Ulthera Tuner

Experience Effective Lifting Result with one Treatment
DA Ulthera Tuner

Visible effect
Possible to monitor skin layer in real-time
Effective Period
Collagen regeneration from inside the skin
Long sustainability of 1-1.5 years with one treatment session
Treatment Plan
Customized treatment plan
Suitable for
Effective for people in the 20s to 60s

Sustainability & Effectiveness UP!

DA Tenting Know-How

Non-surgical facial contouring and skin elasticity lifting
that has never been experienced before

Non-surgical Facial Elasticity Lifting

Ulthera Tuner


Gangnam Station Teheran-ro
Large Safety Building B1~12F
Large-scale medical system

DA Building is a large-scale single building that specializes in consultation, treatment,
surgery, and recovery on each floor.

We have completed systematic collaboration and state-of-the-art facilities to provide medical services with high satisfaction to our customers.

  1. 01

    Stylish interior Private waiting space

  2. 02

    Accurate inspection through advanced equipment and establish a surgical plan

  3. 03

    Systematic surgery plan guidance through 1:1 customized consultation

  4. 04

    Construction of advanced safety system equipment and optimization of aseptic surgery

  5. 05

    Equipped with hotel-class hospitalization rooms for comfortable recovery